Monument of Major Ilic on Javor

In the first rebellion war, Javor war during 1876., serbian army didnt have much success. The Battle on Kalipolje on 24. june 1876. was debackle as well.  In other battles during August of the same year, serbian army succeded in stopping turkish invasions. In those battles, Major Mihailo Ilic bravely defended people of Moravica region, and died on 24. August 1876. The monument in tribute to Major Mihailo Ilic was built in 1907. Built on a hill, close to former custom border, the monument is 36km far from Ivanjica, located on the slopes of mountain Javor, where used to be the border with former Turkish Empire. There is the graveyard of serbian heroes died during Javor war as a part of monument complex.

Moravica region and these localities are abounding in quite interesting and unusual little stone monuments so-called Krajputasi. Tha abundance of cultural heritage and traditions of serbian people has been preserved in epitaphs with cheerfull verses, poems and morals.  There are numerous churches and relics of ancient fortresses, so-called Gradinas.

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