Via Ferrata Ivanjica

Via Ferrata on Mount Mučanj

Via Ferrata is located on Mučanj mountain. A well-marked path leads to the Via Ferrata. There are signposts from the main road that lead travelers exactly to the start of the via ferrata. It is about 27 km or 35 minutes’ drive from the center of Ivanjica.

Using the Ferrata is free. In the following period, the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Ivanjica will provide the service of hiring a guide trained in Via Ferrata and renting the necessary certified equipment necessary for the use of via ferrata.

Immediately before entering the via ferrata, there is an information board with detailed features of the via ferrata, pictures of the necessary equipment for using the via ferrata and potential dangers that may befall users of the via ferrata.

Via Ferrata - Autor: Nikola Tomić

Author: Nikola Tomić



  • The total length of the cable to the viewpoint is 500m
  • Height difference 200m
  • Difficulty: D, C, B
  • The via ferrata is equipped with steel pegs and a cable with footpaths
  • The average time of crossing the via ferrata with a smaller group is about 3 hours
  • The descent is via the surrounding macadam road that leads from the top of the via ferrata. The descent time is about 1 hour.

Conditions for using via ferrata

  • Via ferrata can only be used by mentally and physically fit mountaineers with the use of certified equipment, which includes a harness, helmet, via ferrata set.
  • Inexperienced climbers and minors unaccompanied by an adult are not allowed to use the via ferrata.
  • Mountaineers who are not active alpinists are recommended to hire a guide for Via ferrata.
  • It is recommended to take at least 1.5 l of water with you
  • In case of storm, go down the nearest evacuation route

You can get all the necessary information at the premises of the Tourism Organization of the Municipality of Ivanjica, by phone +381 (0) 32 665-085, e-mail adresu:

*Photo author: Nikola Tomić