Villages arround Ivanjica

Country households that are providing country tourism capacities all around Ivanjica are fully equipped, offering the complete fullboard package plus assistance to any of the special interests of highly welcomed guests such may be seasional works , working in raspberry plantations, collecting hay, fishing and hunting, with support of The Hunting society and The Society of sport fishing in Ivanjica, mountain climbing, collecting forest fruits and herbs and other recreational activities in nature.

Regarding hunting activities, it is usful to know that localities of Ivanjica are abundant in wild animals such are rabbits, foxes, roe deers, grouse, wild pig, bear, partridge, eagle etc.

There is the natural habitat of whitehead eagle on the mountain Golija that is under protection. Rivers of this region are abundant in wide range ofvarious types of fishes. In the rivers in Ivanjica region, long about 250km in total, there are trouts,  bleaks, chubs, gudgeons etc


MEDjURECJE is a village located in lower levels of mountain Golija, between rivers Moravica and Nosnica, on 550m above sea level. The village is 9km far away from Ivanjica. This natural ambient is made of meadows and deciduous forests that are gradually creating landscape, with pure water flaws of Moravica and Nosnica river. Both rivers are abundant in trouts and village Medjurecje is famous for its california trout farms.


KATICI is a village just near mountain Mucanj. Katici are located on mountain highs of 1000m above sea level, providing vacation capacities for all nature lovers same as for rather choosy guests. This village is characteristic for its carefully arranged yards and houses covered with famous stone escavated near, in village Mace. People who are living in these villages are traditionally great hosts. Climates of these localities are quite mild, without significant contrasts caused by winds, preventing heating up same like sudden colds during the winter periods. The air in these localities is completely clean.

Apart from activities in nature offer, this area is rich in numerous cultural and historical monuments, the most familiar is The White Church in Brezova that is mentioned for the first time in The Charter of Emperor Dusan dating back to XIV century. Since 2000., the area of Katici is officially recognized as mountain air spa zone, that is one more reason to visit this village.

In the very heart of Katici , you will be welcomed by Household Obradovic, with tradition of 30 years in country tourism. This household is equipped with 30 beds in 1/2 and 1/3 rooms, wooden houses of apartment type, all of them are 1st category with toilets , TV, dining hall, central heating and little library for its guests, pool, pedestrian paths for walk and the complete range of various contents, creating your vacation here the unforgettable one. Clean mountain air and healthy local food, with very kind hosts who will take you to the most beautiful places here and make you fully enjoy your vacation. Here you can buy famous serbian cheese and milkcream, made by the people who are living in this village. Apart from that, you can join seasional works here such are working on raspberry plantations and collecting fruits for traditional serbian so-called Slatko, made of fruits and sugar.


Village LISA is 9km far from Ivanjica and is on the regional road Cacak – Ivanjica, through Guca, on 600m above sea level. The tradition of country tourism in this village is 30 years old.  These areas are abundant in forests, pastures and meadows, while comfortable accomodation, delicious food and traditional hospitality of people living here are factors that are making Lisa very interesting for tourists. There is Hadzi Prodan cave near the village and lake in Vuckovica. This village is offering about 35 beds of I and II category in several households.


Village KUSICI is located on mountain Javor. It is 25 km far from Ivanjica, on 1000m above sea level. This village is actively participating in country tourism and accommodation offer in village households. The village is especially beneficial to guests suffering from astma and bronchial diseases for its ideal highs, the rose of winds, concentration of iones and pine forests. Village Kusici is surrounded by deciduous forests and mountain meadows.

Near the village, aproximately 10km far from its centre, there is historical famous mountain Javor with its peak on 1520 m above sea level, that used to be a border between Serbia and Turkish empire until 1912. The remains from serbian-turkish war in 1876. are still present here on the mountain (for instance, ancient walls of customs and army borders). There is the monument of Major Ilic who was killed here while defending Serbia. In Kusici village, likewise on the slopes of mountain Javor, are grown potatoes of highest quality, one more brand of Ivanjica region. All this, together with agricultural development and tourism is creating completely new dimension of life for all people living in this village.


Village DEVICI is the pioneer of country tourism in Serbia. This village is 36km far from Ivanjica. It is located on 740m above sea level. Village Devici is named after camels, nine of them came there carrying treasures and after the treasure was hidden, under the foundations of a little church. Later on, the treasure was escavated and taken away to some other place. Village surroundings are rich in blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and roseberries. There are previously mentioned rivers Studenica and Brusnicka river, abundant in various types of fishes. On the road to this village, there is a farm of trouts unique in our country, on Braduljica River. Natural rarities of these localities are the lake on Jelak and the waterfalls on river Izubra.

Near the village there are cultural and historical monuments like Pridvorica monastery dating back to XII century, the roman spring in Cecina,the relicqs of roman fortress in Gradina, remains of a workshop for weapon manufacturing in Samokovo. Road to village Devici is also the road to Studenica monastery.

Therefore, villages that started up country tourism in Ivanjica and in Serbia in general, are the offer of Touristic organization of Ivanjica municipality. Apart from the above mentioned villages, and regarding requests for categorizations, the complete offer is planned to include also new villages such are Mocioci, a village near Katici, Radaljevo, village Sarenik near Prilike and Bratljevo. All these villages are providing fully equipped households, same beautiful as those that are already a part of country tourism offers in Ivanjica for years. It is important to add that all these villages are approachable by car or bus and there are regular bus lines to each of them.

In above mentioned villages, all households are supplied with clean drinking water, telephone lines and electricity and most of them with fast internet as well.