Heavens tear

Recently formed, the lake Havens tear in village Okruglica, in the area of Grand meadows , located by the zone of Jastrebovacka river, in the spring zone of this river, left  affluence  of river Studenica. The lake is down the road Ivanjica- Bele Vode and it is about one kilometer far from the main road, on the road for pedestrians only. The lake Heavens tear is approximately less than 30km far from Ivanjica.

This lake was formed between eight decade of XX century and the earthquake in Romania 1977. It is located on the small plateau covered with grass, on 1495m above sea level, irregularly shaped, while regarding the area it occupies, it represents the biggest lake in Moravica region. For its recent origin, the lake is completely unexplored. It is named Heavens tear by people of these areas.

Tourist potentials of Golija region with its lakes are not utilized in their full capacities. With all respect due to regime of their protection, localities of Golija should be completely utilized considering their immense touristic attractiveness. These lakes, for being the part of the unique natural heritage, should be fairly protected from negative antropogenic factors.

There is no doubt that in Serbia, mountain Golija is one of the most beautiful mountains and very abundant in forests. That is the highest mountain of southwest Serbia, officially recognized as the mountain air spa reservate. For its complete range of specific characteristics and advantages, Government of the Republic of Serbia preserved Golija as The Reservate of Nature of I category, in 2000., and the next year UNESCO categorized and protected the mountain as The Reservate of Biosphere in 2001. This is the only Reservate of Biosphere in Serbia. There is a huge range of natural rarities regarding this mountain beauty. The area that the mountain occupies and preserved natural biosphere are providing exisence for numerous species of flora and fauna, springs, brooks and rivers, as well as three lakes in the mountains.

The most popular lake is Daicko lake, but not less significant are the lakes of Kosanin and Heavens tear lake in Okruglica. Same like the complete content of Golija, the gift of nature are lakes – completely natural.


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