Palibački grave - Lazarica Church

Lazarica church is located near Ivanjica on 780m high hill, 4 km far from the town centre. According to a legend, Bosko Jugovic was buried in this place. The legend says that a man came to Stari Vlah and this place 40 -50 years ago, and

after he found a grave stone and the foundations of demolished church there, he assumed that Bosko Jugovic, the youngest son of Jugovic family, after being wounded in Cosovo battle, came here and died. Later on, the church was built on the very same foundations in a tribute to him. On this place in 1911., Mr Blagoje Lukovic , construction entrepreneur from Ivanjica , built the new church and planted nine oaks, symbolizing nine sons of Jugovic family. Ten years ago, this church was restored, supported by funds raised among citizens of Ivanjica. The church name, for being named after St Lazar, is Lazarica.

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