Mountain of Mučanj

Mucanj is a mountain in the soutwest part of Serbia, located in the west side from Ivanjica, the north side from mountain Javor and the east side from mountain Murtenica. The mountain is near Katici village. The highest peak of the mountain is Jerina peak on 1534m above sea level. Mucanj is known for its soil structure and rocky cliffs forming Jerinas fortress, noticable from the main road passing just down the mountain. Mountain Mucanj is abundant in caves as the special form of the soil structure of the mountain. This mountain is famous for the memory of Saint Sava, who climbed up to one of the highest peaks on Mucanj, and, according to a legend, he placed his shepherd rod on a stone that turned into a spring of water with healing properties, that is still in function , so the very fact that this peak is frequently visited is not a surprise.