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      IVANJICA  is a municipality of 36000 inhabitants. It is a popular tourist destination in the southwest part of Serbia.

            This time we are going to say something about Ivanjica in short, although it is possible to tell much more.

            When you come to Ivanjica you are entering the area which is proclaimed as a resort of clean air on january 26, 2000. It spreads on both sides of the Moravica river.

            This region has moderate-continental climate (winters are totally without fog and summers are with day temperatures of up to 30 centigrades and pleasently cool nights of about 15 centigrades)

            With traditional politeness of our citizens Ivanjica can be considered as an ideal tourist resort. Accommodation can be found in hotels as well as in some private houses whether in the town or in surrounding villages.

            "PARK HOTEL"  is a three star hotel with 140 beds in two bed rooms, including four apartments. In the hotel you can use inside swimming pool, coffee bar and banquet restaurant.

            The hotel is located in the central part of the main town park with "Waterfall" restaurant on the Moravica river bank. That's favourite place to visit for citizens of Ivanjica, as well as for our guests.

            On the other side of the river, very close to the town, there is "REHABILITATION CENTRE"  which makes a combination of health and tourist centre having 270 beds in one bed, two bed and three bed rooms, and in two apartments. Also, it has inside swimming pool, lounge, gym, sauna as well as small sports playgrounds and park for children.

            Health centre consists of internal-chematological block and block of physical medicine and rehabilitation.

            Up the river at the end of the town park there is "GOLIJA" motel which has 152 beds. Just beside the motel there is walking path at the river bank about one kilometre long. Lately, "Golija" motel was renovated and became an interesting place to visit and accommodate for our guests.

            As of our cultural-historical monuments we should mention "St. King Konstantin and Queen Jelena" church built in 1836, "Stone Bridge" across the Moravica river built in 1904, which is the biggest one arch bridge in the Balkans.

            Also, the Moravica river electric station built in 1911, was the fifth hydro station in Serbia with wonderful waterfall which became Ivanjica's symbol.

            Recently,  "General Draža Mihailović" monument was built   located in the centre of the town.

            Very close to the town there is "Palibrk's graveyard" with a church on Boško Jugović's grave (who was Kosovo hero) and is dedicated to St. King Lazar.

            Also, there is "Kovilje" monastery from 13-th century which is 25 km far from Ivanjica.

            HADŽI-PRODAN'S CAVE  is at the same time tourist, speleological and archeological destination. It is located just 10 kilometres from the town, at the height of 600 m above sea level. The cave is situated in the valley of the Rašćanska river, so it is also called Rašćanska cave. Beside wonder ful big cave rooms with stalagmits and stalactits, valuable objects were found in the cave from the old time of the history. (Cave is not open for visitors).

            Up the river, 15 kilometres far from Ivanjica, there is "GOLIJA"  mountain – resort of clean mountain air which is under "UNESCO" protection, and "PARK OF NATURE" which spreads on 53804 achres. We need lot's of time to talk about this mountain beauty, but we must mention untouched nature with woods, "Tičar" lake on Dajic's hill at the height of 1500 m above the sea level, and also "Okruglica" lake and "Kosanin's" lake which are sorrounded by wonderful vegetation. There you can also find the"Izubri" river waterfalls which are famous for their beauty.

            When you reach the peak of Golija mountain you have the feeling that you are at the top of the world and you can see one half of Serbia. At that very moment it looks like  Golija mountain is an island above all "Starovlaška" mountains which look like waves of the sea.

            Golija's terrains with lots of snow days make this mountain ideal for winter sports as a part of the development of Golija mountain.

            We should also mention lots of springs with clean mountain water, more than 100 species of healing plants, lots of wild animals and rivers and streams which are famous by stream trouts.

            On Golija mountain you can find accommodation in "GOLIJSKA REKA" hotel which is located right in the core of the mountain with 35 beds. You can also find accommodation in private houses through the Tourist organization. (Hotel is closed for visitors).

            JAVOR – is a mountain which is famous for its history. It was a border between Serbia and Turkey until 1912. It is very similar to Golija mountain by its beauty.

            You can find many beautiful woods with clean water springs. The highest peak is "Vasilia's peak" at the height of 1520 m above the sea level. Very close to the peak there is "Major Ilić" monument. Major Ilić was a hero of Javor's war.

            If you walk through Javor's meadows you can still come across some walls of the border buildings.

            Kušići  village, which is 12 km far from Javor towards Ivanjica is a very interesting place for tourists because it is situated at the height of 1000 m above the sea level, and its evergreen woods, concentration of iones and wind directions  make it a very suitable place for healing of bronchitise and asthma.

            This village is popular by "village tourism". Accommodation can be found in "Javor" hotel which has 100 beds. Besides that this region is well known by high quality potato.

            Lisa  village is located 9 km far from Ivanjica, beside Ivanjica – Čačak road via Guča. This village has 20 years long tourism tradition. This area is known by numerous hills which are rich in woods and meadows. Besides that, comfortable accommodation, good food and politeness of its citizens make this village a very attractive tourist destination.

            Devići – a village where tourism started to develop in 70's especially "village tourism". It is located 36 km far from Ivanjica by the Brusnik river mouth to Studenica river. This rivers are famous for stream trout.

            Hunting and fishing  are very important in this area and can make tourism more attractive in our municipality.

            Golija mountain is famous for traditional "Wolf hunting". Many people take place in this happening.

            Braduljica river is well known by reproduction of stream trouts. It is very important for our municipality, as well as for some other areas.

            Sport  in our municipality was organized since 1912, by foundation of "Javor" soccer team. This team took place in "The first federal soccer league". Besides that some other sport teams are also very popular in our municipality, such as "Putevi" volleyball team, "Javor" basketball team, chess club, karate club etc.

            It should be mentioned that Ivanjica is volleyball centre for the training of national team because it has ideal conditions, including: ideal height, good climate conditions as well as ecologically healthy and diverse food.

            In Ivanjica there are two grass soccer terrains, two sport halls, few terrains for small sports, two inside swimming pools, gyms, saunas, athletic paths, walking paths as well as some other sport objects, which can be used by sport people coming to train in Ivanjica.

            We also plan to build two tennis terrains and outside swimming pool.

            We really can talk a lot about Ivanjica and still cannot mention everything, so it is a good reason for you to come to Ivanjica and check what we have to offer.



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