The Household Mr Milan Pandurevic, Ivanjica

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Apartments for rent in Milan Pandurović's home work are located in the center of Ivanjica in ul. Mico Matovic 28. The apartments are equipped according to the standards required by modern tourists, and they are adorned with the spirit of the old ivanjic charms. In the immediate vicinity there are many attractive locations that guests can visit.
Apartments Milan Pandurović are recommended for business guests, as well as for your holiday in Ivanjica.
App / beds: 1/4, 1/3. Total: 2/7


Ivanjica, Srbija
Mića matović 28

О Ивањици

Општина Ивањица обухвата простор од 1.090 км2 и једна је од највећих у Србији. Налази се у саставу Моравичког округа, а граничи се са општинама Ариље, Лучани, Нова Варош, Рашка, Краљево, Нови Пазар и Сјеница. По попису из 2011. године има 32.380 становника.