Apartment "Pešić"

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In the village of Kušići at 1000 m above sea level, 25 km from Ivanjica in a residential building there are two double apartments of the Pešić family studio type, which is available to all guests who visit this village throughout the year. The apartments have kitchens with dishes and refrigerator, TV, internet and bathroom with shower.

Under the influence of the wind rose coming from 3 mountains: Mučnja, Javora and Golija, the place is a traditional resort for all those who want to raise the quality of their health and the health of their loved ones to a higher level. At 12 km from Kusic is the mountain Javor, which is a significant tourist site.


Ivanjica, Srbija
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О Ивањици

Општина Ивањица обухвата простор од 1.090 км2 и једна је од највећих у Србији. Налази се у саставу Моравичког округа, а граничи се са општинама Ариље, Лучани, Нова Варош, Рашка, Краљево, Нови Пазар и Сјеница. По попису из 2011. године има 32.380 становника.