Golijski konaci - The household of Mr Drasko Milosavljevic

DOMAĆINSTVO DRAŠKO MILOSAVLJEVIĆA “GOLIJSKI KONACI” – KOMADINE This 15 km from Ivanjica road to Golija in the village of Komadina, these wreaths are located. With many additional amenities, pure golly air and the famous food of this household will not be a good holiday in these threads. Goli wraps are suitable for team building.
Category ****
Rooms / beds: 2/4 + 6/2: Total 8/20

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Tel: +(381) 032/631- 992
Mob: +(381) 064/242-99-06
Email: info@golijskikonaci.com
Web: www.golijskikonaci.com


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