Hotel Prezident

In the wider city center, Hotel President is a place that exudes warmth with the mission to offer a higher degree of comfort for its guests, attracting a large number of fellow citizens, domestic and foreign tourists, business people of different generations. President Bar & Restaurant is known for its exceptional hospitality, high level of staff expertise in all segments, quality and delicious cuisine, as well as the feeling that you are “at home”.

Great love for the hotel industry, gastronomy and perfect organization of events, as well as a constant desire for innovation contributed to the Hotel President soon becoming one of the most popular and most visited hotels in western Serbia. Numerous guests from different parts of the world and the country are hosted here every day, homemade buns are baked, homemade cakes are prepared, specialties that are talked about and enjoy the pleasant ambience of the restaurant, which has long been recognized by business and family people. With us, he is always looking for a place more!

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Address: Sađavac bb
Tel: +381 32 660 660
Mob: +381 66 877 00 24


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