Villa Kaplarevic, Ivanjica
DescriptionApartment rooms for renting, in the offer of household Kaplarevic are in the very centre of the town.
Villa Angelina, the household of Mr Stojadin Vidakovic
DescriptionIn the very center of Kusici is villa Angelina, new part of the household complex of Stojadin Vidakovic.
DescriptionHotel City, the former hotel Moravica is offering in total 50 beds in single, douple and three bed rooms.
Vacation centre Golija, Ivanjica
DescriptionVacation centre Golija is at the end of hotel park, by the banks of river Moravica.
Pansion Obradovic, the household of family Obradovic
DescriptionPansion Obradovic, the household of family Obradovic , 230 km from Belgrade
Villa Golijski dar
DescriptionVillage Dajići, Villa Golijski dar, 250 km from Belgrade
Golijska reka, mountain motel
DescriptionMountain motel Golijska reka is located on 40km far from Ivanjica in the very heart of Golija.
Villa ASH Jovanovic Ivanjica
DescriptionIn the very centre of the town, in Mice Matovica street, nb. 6, is the location of this household.
DescriptionU selu Cerova se nalazi ovo domaćinstvo koje prerasta u etno selo.
Lisa, the household of Mrs Draga Milicevic
DescriptionLisa, the household of Mrs Draga Milicevic , 210 km from Belgrade
Rooms of the household of Mr Tihomir Besevic, Ivanjica
DescriptionRooms are located on Vidik, near the centre of the town.
Hotel Logos - Katici
DescriptionHotel Logos is a hotel with 3 stars, 25 km far from Ivanjica in Katici.

About Ivanjica

Ivanjica municipality is one of the biggest in Serbia with its area of 1090km2. Ivanjica is the part of Moravica region, surrounded by municipalities ofArilje, Lucani, Nova Varos, Raska, Kraljevo, Novi Pazar and Sjenica. The number of Ivanjica citizens is 32380, according to statistics from 2011.